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Mystery and shivers with...

h Around Michel GOUTAGNY (saxophones, clarinet) and of Lionel RASCLE (electric guitar), this conventional formation of jazz had the idea to take again film musics having like common point the suspense... However the jazz is the music of the suspense since nobody knows what it will arrive during an improvisation and certainly not how that will finish! Moreover, one associates readily the jazz the sordid lanes of the Fifties and Sixties and it is this atmosphere which we want to recreate... Thus we join again with the tradition of the jazz since the majority of the standards registered with the repertory of many great formations of jazz result from film musicals even. With through musics of Bernard HERMANN (type-setter of "Taxi Driver", "the bride was black"...), Jean WIENER ("Do not touch with the grisbi"), Maurice GUARD HAIR ("eyes without face") but also of jazzmen such as Miles DAVIS ("Elevator for the scaffold"), Lalo SCHIFRIN ("the Cat-like ones") you will find the revisited B.O, transforms, even revitalized. LIONEL RASCLE
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