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Born on November 25, 1968
Single person



September 97

June 97

June 95
June 94
Sept. 93/June 94
June 91

June 90

June 88
June 86

Teacher training with the method of Musical Initiation at the "School Which Swingues", created by Philou Blot and recognized by the Ministry for National Education,
Vocational training with the CEFEDEM Rhone-Alpes from 95' to 97' and obtaining the Jazz State Diploma (Saxophone option),
Credits in Harmony and Arrangement obtained at the National School of Music of Villeurbanne (69),
Gold medal in saxophone jazz obtained at the National School of Music of Villeurbanne (69),
Vocational training at Berklee College of Music, Boston, (USA),
Certificate of End of Musical Studies in Musical Formation obtained at the National School of Music of Saint-Etienne (42),
Certificates of End of Musical Studies out of Clarinet and Chamber music obtained at the National School of Music of Saint-Etienne (42),
University Diploma of Technology in Electric and Industrial Data Processing Genius, Electronic option, Baccalaureat F3 Electrotechnique.

Occupied stations

May/June 88

July 86/Nov. 89

Since January 90

Since September 94

Since 85

Since 96

Occupied stations Training course at the House of Culture and Communication of Saint-Etienne (France) in the Audio-visual department,
Temporary uses of technician-electronics specialist and/or technician-data processing specialist in various Rhone-Alpes companies (GST Alcatel, Regional Case of the Agricultural credit, S.A. Progress),
Uses of musician in various orchestras of varieties (Fred Kohler, Cat' Alan, Pascal Loïodice) and of classical music (Orchestra of sheers of Saint-Genest-Lerpt), jazz big-bands (Jazz of City, Big-Band of Lyon-Villeurbanne, Regional Jazz Orchestra), combos (Beautiful Voyages, Tempo Forte) and other small formations (Jazz Polar Quartet and duets with a narrator),
Clarinet professor employments in saxophone and of musical training (Harmony / Jazz arrangment) in several schools of music in Saint-Etienne (FJEP Métare, Centre Musical Massenet, The Box of jazz, Centers Studies of the Jazz and Musics Current, Municipal Scholl of Music of Saint Chamond),
Summer session for the Musical Federation of Drome,
Founder, member and musical director of "Jazz De Ville Big-Band" (participation in the of the Musical Youths Festival (in France) in 85', concerts in the Rhone-Alpes, turned to Poland into 87' and 89' and Czechoslovakia into 91', participation in many french jazz festivals).
Played and/or worked with James Odgren & Victor Mendoza (Berklee College of Music, the USA), Gil Lachenal, François Jeanneau, Ricardo LED FRA, Denis Idler, Antoine Herve, Bob Revel, Jacques Siron, Isel Rasua, Sangoma Everett, Pierre Drevet, Charles Lloyd, "Chewy" (NG Bandaged It, Cuba).


January 97
December 97

January 98

May 98

June 98

July 98

June 1999
September 2000
February 2003

Recording of Gilbert Dojat's compositions: "Beaux Voyages", left in March 99',
Recording of a promotional CD of the group leaded by Gilbert Carréras "Roi Lézard", left CD in February 98,
Participation in the CD recording in the concert given by the Union of the Musicians of Jazz and Improvised Musics in the Rhone-Alpes (Big Tympam) "Resonances" january the18th at Espace Tonkin (69),
Participation in the CD recording "Leitmotiv" of Jean-Jacques Mouton, left CD in August 98',
Recording of CD of promotion of "Jazz Polar Quartet",
Participation in the recording of first CD of the label Freddy Kroegher Productions, left CD in February 99',
Recording of TEMPO FORTE's CD: "Mucho Ritmo", group founded by Isel RASUA, exit of CD in September 98',
Recording of the first album of the big band BAND 433,
Recording of the second CD " Amor Es Amor " of TEMPO FORTE, left CD in November 2000,
Recording of the third CD " El Canto De Mi Tierra " of TEMPO FORTE, left CD in September 2003.


Having studied in the USA during one school year, j’ai the knowledge of l’Anglais (and l’Américain) read, written and spoken.

Activities/Centers of interests

My activities are mainly directed towards the music and especially the jazz. Historical J’aime l’aspect of this discipline. I thus read very readily works treating of this subject or others ! ... But, nevertheless, the sport of medium mountains (excursion, VTT) is another activity which I like particularly, and thus, that I practise rather regularly...


My favorite pastime is the play with the letters and the words (arrow words, crossed words, Scrabble, etc...).

Voluntary activities

The voluntary help is articulated primarily around my trade (Union of the Musicians of Jazz and the Musics Improvised in the Rhone-Alps) but also around various associations inhabitants of Saint-Etienne (Association of Paralysed France).

Competences in data processing

I use my micro-computer on a purely private basis (text processing, data management and/or files) and some times on a purely professional basis (software of music, use of the computer as teaching assistant...).

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