This great formation of jazz was born from the meeting of three French musicians: Jean-Bernard Beauchamp (tp), Pierre Badel (tp) and Michel Goutagny (have). Pierre Badel and Michel Goutagny are originating in the area inhabitant of Saint-Etienne and played several years at the end of the Eighties - in a big band named "Jazz of City Big Band", this last being directed by Michel Goutagny. Jean-Bernard Beauchamp and Pierre Badel work together since the beginning of the Nineties on Paris, in area and in the whole world "Jazz of City Big Band" was a formation inhabitant of Saint-Etienne of 14 musicians devoting exclusively to the music "funky" (Herbie Hancock, Ron Pailey...), fusion (Josef Zawinul, Maynard Fergusson, Bob Mintzer, Miles Davis...) and rock'n'roll (Hooper, Frank Mantooth, Matt Harris...) like with the standards of the big band (Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Woody Hermann...). When Jean-Bernard Beauchamp and Pierre Badel decided at the end of 98 to assemble a great formation of jazz typified funk, modern what... they were addressed to Michel Goutagny. The repertory and the arranger were always available... A collaboration was thus possible... Today, the music played by "KN' L Big Band Project" selected inside this repertory and is supplemented by original arrangements of Michel Goutagny and Gilbert Dojat (ts). This big band is composed of 17 musicians (5 saxophones, 4 trombones, 4 trumpets, keyboard, low electric, electric guitar and battery) who come from different backgrounds. This musical patchwork is extremely important because it allows an emulation and exchanges within the orchestra. The first mission of "KN' L Big Band Project" was to accompany Creenshaw Gospel Choir in various festivals in France. Then, this big band will have to be made known for what it is: a great modern, original formation, dynamic and opened with the styles being able to be interpreted by a big band: funk, jazz-rock'n'roll, Latin, blues, R&B, hip-hop, fusion, swing, bop, etc... For more information, you connect to the site of KN'L Big Band Project: knlprod@cybercable.f

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