The group "JAZZ DE VILLE" was born in September 1984 in Saint-Héand (42). It was then composed of seven pupils of the School of Music of this city. 1985 : Festival Musical Youth of France. It is in the style dixieland and the repertory of the Original Dixieland Jazz Band that Jazz Of City approaches its first festival. It is selected what will be worth a concert with l’U.N.E.S.C.O to him. in Paris (75). In September, it will play in first part of Big Band of the Sixth American Fleet. 1986 : The style changes... New musicians come to supplement the group which chooses the repertory swing of the Thirties and Forties. 1987 : Round in Poland... Within the framework of a cultural exchange between the M.J.C. of Saint-Héand and the M.J.C. of Bydgoszcz, Jazz of City gives eleven concerts in all Poland. The style is then with the American variety and the standards of big band. 1989 : The year springboard... After a new musical orientation, this group approaches the jazz-rock'n'roll, fusion, the electric jazz and plays in various places (M.J.C., spaces cultural, etc...) and in several festivals in Rhone-Alps area and others. Second round in Poland. 1990-91 : Jazz of City professionnalise... Round in Czechoslovakia and concerts in France. 1993 : Birth of Jazz of Combo City. Being difficult to make "turn" a big band regularly, Michel Goutagny organizes this group differently. He creates a "combo" and writes arrangements in particular for this formation. The standards are revisited and of the compositions are added to the repertory. 1995 : Creation of Jazz of Four-bit byte City. A formation smaller and thus cheaper makes it possible Jazz of Town of carry on its way while preserving this spirit "jazz electric". To thus follow...


This group is composed of ten musicians:

Christophe Cérino (vocal)
Christophe Garaboux (electric and double bass)
Yvan Oukrid (drums)
Lionel Rascle (electric guitars)
Geoffroy Barthélémy (piano)
Hervé Salamone (trumpet)
Hervé Francony (alto saxophone)
Pierre Baldy-Moulinier (trombone)
Ludovic Murat (baritone saxophone)
Michel Goutagny (tenor saxophone and arrangements)


This group is composed of four musicians:

Christophe Garaboux (electric and double bass)
Yvan Oukrid (drums)
Lionel Rascle (electric guitars)
Michel Goutagny (saxophones and arrangements)

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